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【Dome Theater】A Cosmic Journey Through Space and Time

In VAST, we set off on a journey further into space than any other human being has ever been. Join us on the journey, starting in our own solar system all the way out to the Big Bang.

The production has been created using the interactive software OpenSpace, developed by Norrköping Visualization Center C together with NASA, AMNH and others.

13.8 billion light years in just a few minutes. We live on a planet that orbits one of a billion stars. In one of the trillions of galaxies in our universe. This is the only planet in the universe where we actually know that there is life. We humans have left our mark in space, and who knows how much we will be able to explore in the future. The journey we have been on gives us new perspectives on our presence and existence in an unimaginably vast universe and on the planet that is our spaceship on our journey through time and space.

Screening Date: July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024

Duration: about 35 minutes

A Cosmic Journey Through Space and Time