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1938-City Hall Observatory.

9/29/1947- Opening Ceremony is held on Mid-Autumn Festival.

7/20/1960- The City Hall Observatory is moved to the newly built Yuanshan Observatory.

3/4/1969- The Executive Yuan approves the Observatory’s organizational regulations.

6/4/1978-Construction of the Planetarium begins.

7/1/1980- The Planetarium is completed, with the ceremony being presided over by Mayor Teng-hui Lee.

10/25/1985-The Observatory detects Comet Haley for the first time, and successfully photographs it.

1/16/1987- The City Urban Planning Commission reviews and passes the proposition to establish Taipei Astronomical Museum at the former drainage ditch area in Shihlin.

4/14/1988- First issue of Museum's“Almanac.”

4/1/1991-Observatory Director Chang-hsien Tsai retires. Yuan-ming Hsieh, the observatory's academic supervisor, assumes the position of acting director.

8/27/1991- Kuo-chuan Yuan serves as the Observatory's new director.

10/27/1993- Mayor Ta-chou Huang presides over the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of Taipei Astronomical Museum.

3/12/1996-The City Council approves the organizational regulations of the new museum in its 848th meeting.

11/7/1996- Mayor Shui-bian Chen presides over the grand-opening ceremony of Taipei Astronomical Museum.

2/4/1997-The Museum partially opens.

7/20/1997-The Museum fully opens.

3/11/1999-President Teng-hui Lee and Mayor Ying-Jeou Ma visit the Museum.

5/8/2000-The Yuanshan Observatory is dismantled.

7/20/2000-Mayor Ying-Jeou Ma presides over the ET exhibition on the Museum's third anniversary.

12/18/2000-Construction of Cosmic Adventure begins.

7/20/2001-Deputy Mayor Hsiu-hsiung Bai presided over the exhibition of the Lunar Rock.

3/30/2002-The radio telescope officially opens to the public.

7/20/2002-Cosmic Adventure and Science Park open to the public.

1/2/2003-Director Kuo-chuan Yaun retires. Secretary Ching-hsiung Wang serves as the acting director.

6/2/2003-Mr. Kuo-Kuang Chiu assumes the position of director of Taipei Astronomical Museum.

7/19/2003-Mayor Ying-Jeou Ma presides over the Museum's Mars exhibition.

10/21/2003-Vice president Annette Lu and Premier Shyi-kun Yu visit the Museum during “The Approach of Mars”event.

1/16/2004-Live presentation of the Mars Rover Spirit's landing on planet Mars.

7/1/2004-Live show of Cassini entering Saturn's orbit.

7/19-25/2004-Director Chiu visits Bisei Astronomical Observatory in Japan for international exchange.

3/2/2005-Astronut Marsha S. Ivins visits Taipei Astronomical Museum.

7/17-19/2006-The TAM holds the "Host 2006 Mainland- Taiwan Junior Astronomy Summer Camp".

7/22-29/2006-Director Chiu is invited to participate in the International Planetarium Society in Melbourne, Australia.

11/9/2006- Successful image transmission of Mercury Transit from the Bisei Astronomical Observatory in Japan.

7/20/2007-The TAM's 10th anniversary .

12/22/2007-Mayor Lung-bin Hau visits the Taipei Astronomical Museum.

3/29/2008-Saturn exhibition opens.

7/22/2008- The Premier of Saint Vincent visits Taipei Astronomical Museum.

8/1/2008-Live show of Solar eclipse from Xinjiang.

8/8/2008- Dr. Ching-shan Wu, Educational Commissioner of Taipei City Government, visits Taipei Astronomical Museum.

1/18/2009-TAM hosts the events of the International Year of Astronomy.

4/24/2009- Meteorite exhibition opens.

5/2009- Dr. Ching-shan Wu, Educational Commissioner of Taipei City Government, visits the Museum during the “Night Camp at TAM” activities.

7/22/2009-Partial Solar Eclipse observation opens to the public.

9/16/2009- Mr. Tomas, chairman of the International Year of Astronomy in Austria, visits the Museum.

11/7/2009 -“From Earth to the Universe – David Malin’s Starry Night” exhibition

7/10/2010-Hosting the "Hubble Space Telescope- Two Decades Unveiling the Universe" special exhibition

9/21/2010-Jupiter at opposition

10/12/2010-Replace the chairs at the IMAX

12/31/2010-Perchase and Install the Digital Planetarium

3/12/2011-Professor Rachel Webster, the University of Melbourne, visits the Museum

6/30/2011-"Where is the Alien" special exhibition opening ceremony

7/7/2011-Digital Planetarium opening ceremony

4/2/2012-Director Kuo-Kuang Chiu retires. Ching-Hsiung Wang serves as Acting Director

4/16/2012-Saturn at Opposition

5/21/2012-Annular Solar Eclipse

6/6/2012-Transit of Venus

8/6/2012-Mars Rover Landing

12/21/2012-Dr. An-Le Chen assumes the position of director of Taipei Astronomical Museum

6/12/2013-The "Solar Storm" special exhibition

9/18/2013-The "Cosmic Adventure-Moon" special exhibition

11/14/2013-Ms.Yi-hua Lin, Educational Commissioner of Taipei City Government, visits Taipei Astronomical Museum.

4/1/2013 Ms.Yi-hua Lin, Educational Commissioner of Taipei City Government, announce "Children's Month" starts

7/8/2014 "The Story of Earth" Special Exhibition

3/23/2015-Cosmic Adventure closes for remodeling

4/4/2015-Total Lunar Eclipse

6/14/2016-Exhibit Hall closes for remodeling

7/1/2016-The "Journey To Space" Special Exhibition

11/25/2016-Cosmic Adventure re-opening

4/ 4 /2017-The "Star World" Special Exhibition

9/30/2017-The "Bring Me To the Moon" Special Exhibition

1/31/2018-Total Lunar Eclipse

7/5/2018-Exhibits Hall New Opening

7/5/2018-"Exoplanet & Circumstellar Habitable Zone" Special Exhibition

7/31/2018-Mars Approaching

6/26/2019-"Space Pioneer-Moon Landing 50th Anniversary" Special Exhibition

12/26/2019-Partial Eclipse Special Opening

4/1/2020-"The Magic of the Sun" Special Exhibition

6/21/2020-Annular Solar Eclipse