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tamview Introduction


On November 7, 1996, the Taipei Astronomical Museum was opened, bringing forthwith it exciting new trends in astronomy education.

The Museum's primary mission is to serve as a bridge between the study of astronomy and society to make it possible for the public to learn more about astronomy. By introducing different points of view and offering a great variety of explanations in our demonstrations, we seek to provide the public with a learning environment that stimulates their interest in astronomy.  Our ultimate goal is to strengthen astronomical education and establish a scientific basis here in Taiwan.

In addition to its serious, yet lively external appearance, the Museum has a spacious interior. Its courtyard design style integrates both leisure and educational functions,making it a popular location for field study and day trips.

The philosophy behind the Museum's design is to arouseTaipei residents' interest in exploring the knowledge of our universe with a wonderful environment that includes large, stable board-like structures, avant-grade transparent skylights, and various cutting-edge facilities such as an equatorial theodolite, a celestial globe, and surrounding ecliptic sundials. With its spacious interior and user-friendly astronomy-education-installations the Taipei Astronomical Museum satisfies visitors' educational and leisure needs and purposes.

It is our hope that all of our guests enjoy their visits to the Taipei Astronomical Museum!