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Address: No.363, Jihe Rd., Shilin, Taipei City, Taiwan

Map of TAM


Tel: (02)2831-4551

Fax: (02)2831-4405

Driving Directions:

Freeway from Jihe/ Chongqing N. Rd. Interchange: Chongqing N. Rd.→Bailing Bridge→-Zhongzheng Rd.→Jihe Rd. (No. 363) 

Freeway from Songjiang Rd. Interchang: Minzu E. Rd.→ Zhongshan N. Rd.→MRT Jiantan Station→Jihe Rd. (No. 363)

Public Transportation:

Red Line (Tamsui-Xinyi Line): get off at Jiantan Station, Shilin Station or Zhishan Station and walk about 20 minutes. 

Visitors can take buses stopping at Shilin District Office, Yangming Senior High School, Shilin Motor Vehicles Supervision Station, Shilin Junior High School, MRT Shihlin Station or Jiantan Station.
 1.MRT Shilin Station Exit 1: Red 12, Red 30, or Taipei Children's Amusement Park 1 -Taipei Astronomical Museum
 2.MRT Jiantan Station Exit 3 - Bus41, Red 30, Citizen Mini Bus 8 or Taipei Children's Amusement Park 2 -           Taipei Astronomical  Museum 


1. Parking Information
 (1)B1 & B2 Parking Lots (entry / exit from Meilun Street )

 (2)capacity 230 cars (Including 4 for disabled )
 Vehicle height limit: 2.1 meters

2. Operation:
 Sunday to Friday: 8:00A.M. to 17:30P.M
 No admittance after 16:00P.M.
 Saturday: 8:00A.M. to 21:00 P.M.
 No admittance after 20:00P.M.
 Closed on Monday

3. Parking Fee:
 (1) Rate : half hour NTD15
      a. first 30 minutes-free
      b. 30 to 60 minutes-NTD30.
      c. over an hour-additional NTD15 every half hour
 (3) Fee: Car entrance by license plate,recognition.  Please pay the fee with cash or Easy card at automatic payment machine before leaving within 10 minutes.
 (4) Parking: No vehicles shall enter into the lot while the museum is closed. For those cars already in the lot, shall be driven out. For further information, please contact the security office or 
call 28314551    ext 510.

(5) Discount: 

     a. Mentally or physically disabled persons: free parking for 4 hours
     b. More than 4 hours: the rate will be calculated and collected in Half (NTD15/hour) 

(6) Receipt: Please inform the parking office in advance if you need a receipt.
(7) Responsibility: The parking lot is for parking only, any belongings loss
 is self-responsible.