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Exhibits HallThere are abundant exhibits from the first to the third floors of the exhibition hall to provide an interesting interactive experience. The floor-by-floor zoning allows visitors to gradually understand the development of astronomy, related scientific principles and stories, as well as various wonders of the universe.

Notes for visiting:

  • Please do not make loud noises or run when visiting. Respect each other's rights to visit. 
  • You are welcome to take photos of daily life. To avoid violating copyright laws, please do not take photos of exhibits directly.
  • In order to maintain a high-quality visiting environment, eating and drinking is prohibited in the exhibition hall. Please queue up to take turns to experience various interactive exhibits, and do not occupy it for a long time.
  • There are service desks on each floor of the exhibition hall, and there are rest areas on both sides. If you need food, drinks, charging, etc., please go to the resting area outside the rainbow channel on the second floor.