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reservationAddress: 363 Ji-He Road, Shilin, Taipei, Taiwan.



Ext 706 Ms. Mei-Lin Chen

Ext 305 Ms. Kaili Liu


Individual reservation shall be made with the box office 3 days in advance by phone. (For example, on Thursday, one may reserve the tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the week).

On the day of visit, reservation cannot be made.

After the completion of reservation, tickets should be purchased at the box office 30 minutes before the show.  No rights reserved after deadline.


Minimun of 30 people for group reservation. Reservation must be made 10 days before date of visit.  The earliest reservation can be made 2 months before visit.

Group should present the reservation receipt to the box office 30minutes before the scheduled show to obtain formal group-ticket, and no rights shall be held beyond the said deadline.

For changing the visiting date or cancellations,the group should inform the box office for action in writing 5 days in advance so it can be timely processed.