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【3D Theater】Pet Pals in Windland

The Pet Pals head towards Puff town where everything works thanks to wind power. Six heroes meet up with the Wind Keeper, a turtle who guards the “Spinwheel” that generates the town’s wind, and Nameless’ old caretaker.

Meanwhile, Crow Witch’s helpers are busy with her evil plans to destroy Puff.

Crow Witch captures the Wind Keeper and steals the Spinwheel.  Suddenly everything in Puff comes to a grinding halt, while her diabolical machines begin their descent on the town!

In final, Kindness and Love save the town! Everything in Puff goes back to normal as the Spinwheel is returned to its place.

Screening dates: October 7, 2023 to October 10, 2024

Pet Pals in Windland