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Chief Secretary

Research Section
Responsible for matters concerning astronomical observation, records, research, registration, library management, publication, international liaison and data exchange.

Education Section
Responsible for planning of astronomical education, assistance to and implementation in schools in their astronomical education programs and matters concerning astronomical openness.

Exhibition Section
Responsible for planning of theme exhibits at the Museum, including items to be exhibited and accompanied explanatory notes, in addition to matters concerning design, production, maintenance and management.

Audio-Visual Section
Responsible for Showing of stars and planetarium movies, production of astronomical program, 3-D theater shows, editing, narrations, apparatus operation and maintenance.

General Affairs Office
Responsible for incoming and outgoing documents, official seals, cashier, ticketing matters, general affairs, construction and repair, property management, control and review as well as matters that are not the responsibility of other sections.

Accounting Office
Responsible for handling matters pertaining to annual budget, accounting and concurrently statistics.

Personnel Office
Responsible for handling matters pertaining to personnel affairs.

Ethics Office
Responsible for handling pertaining to ethics.