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  • Information Desk

The information desk not only provides visitors with information about the museum, but also offers the public convenient, free of charge infant cribs, wheel chairs, and crutches.

  • Lockers (at the back door)

Several lockers located at the back door are available. They are free of charge and provided to our visitors during open hours.

  • Breastfeeding Room (1st floor)

A Breastfeeding room provides diapers, napkins, warm water, etc to meet the visitors’ needs.

  • Ticket Vending Machines

In order to promote automatic service and avoid the inconvenience of long lines for buying tickets, we set up automatic ticket vending machines inside the Museum.

  • Parking(Parking for bus on the 1F, Parking for cars on B1 and B2)

There is a parking lot on the 1st floor for people coming as a group. Another parking area is provided on B1 and B2 with 230 parking spaces (includes 4 handicap parking spaces).

  • Lecture Hall (3F administration area)

There are 3 lectures halls on the 3F at the administration area with 320 seats. The lecture hall can be used for astronomy lecture activities and conferences.