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Taipei Astronomical Museum

Dome Max

Dome Theater

The Dome Theater is an Astronomy Theater with a diameter of 25 meters. The dome is designed with a 30-degree inclination angle. There are 304 seats available in the theater and it is known as the largest dome theater in Southeast Asia. The Theater is configured with three broadcasting systems; whereas the first adopts traditional optical projector, Zeiss Planetarium VI TD. There are 8,000 stars that can be seen by the naked eyes in a dark sky under perfect condition, the fainter magnitude is 6.5. The second system projects nearly full-dome films. The third system is the Digital Planetarium which allows you to enter the film scenes with immersion in real situations, in order to help the audience learn and familiarize with the universe and natural knowledge through films or program contents.

Daily Shows
Shows Time Film
1 9:00 Planetarium Program(Only Chinese)
2 10:00 The Earth(Only Chinese)
3 11:00 Mars 1001
4 12:00 Planetarium Program(Only Chinese)
5 13:00 The Earth(Only Chinese)
6 14:00 Mars 1001
7 15:00 The Earth(Only Chinese)
8 16:00 Mars 1001
Additional Shows on Saturdays
Shows Time Film
9 17:00 The Earth(Only Chinese)
10 18:00 Mars 1001
11 19:00 Planetarium Program(Only Chinese)


 Adult: NT$100
 Child: NT$50
 Group: Adult NT$70, child NT$35