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Taipei Astronomical Museum



Taipei Astronomical Museum
 Administrative Plans

(I)General Administration: Administration and management

(II) Research Education:
1. Expand current collection of astronomy books, journals, and magazines for research and public access.
2. Expand astronomical data on the Internet, announce important astronomical events, etc.
3. Observe, record and research special astronomical events.
4. Add and improve astronomy learning materials online.

(III) Promotion Education:
1. Allow public use of astronomical telescopes during daytime and on Saturday nights, assist with astronomy education at schools and organizations.
2. Hold astronomy conferences, such as school teacher workshops, stargazing field trips for citizens and youths, and stargazing field trips for families.
3. Conduct activities to promote special astronomical events and lunar holidays.
4. Repair and maintain scientific equipment at Meilun Park for Department of Education.
5. Train and manage volunteers.

(IV) Exhibition Education:
1. Hold frequent astronomy exhibits and scientific film showings.
2. Train and assign museum guides to offer guided tours.
3. Open Cosmic Adventure facilities to the public; equipment maintenance.
4. Repair, maintenance, planning and design of display models and equipment.
5. Hold special exhibits, lectures, and classes.
6. Train guides and volunteers and organize study tour.

(V) Audio Visual Education:
1. Install IMAX projection system, Carl Zeiss Planetarium and the Global Immersion digital projection and planetarium system in IMAX Theater; show both of the IMAX and Digital films, and our own astronomy programs to the public.

2. Install 3D projectors in the 3D Theater; show 3D scientific films and our own astronomy programs to the public.
3. Renting of various films and maintenance of showing equipment.
4. Upgrade to digital showing equipment, purchase digital planetarium systems.