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Taipei Astronomical Museum

Exhibits Hall

Due to the remodeling of the Exhibits Hall, the Astronomy Station will open instead on June 14,2016.

This section will show you four topics, including our home planet – Earth, solar system, constellations and the size of the universe. More interesting scientific education activities will be launched in the Starry Sky Teaching Area.

Our home planet – Earth
How much do you know about our Earth? How do the weather and climate form? What is the structure of the Earth? Can we see the Moon during daytime? You can dig out all the answers of these interesting questions in the Earth-Themed Area!

The Solar System
Scientists have discovered more than a thousand of exoplanets! Are these exoplanets similar to the planets in our Solar System? What celestial bodies else are there in the Solar System in addition to the Sun and the planets? What is the difference among them? Visiting the Solar System-Themed Area, and you could get more information about our Solar System!

Have you ever tried to look for the constellations in the starry sky? Would you like to know where and when to spot your own zodiac sign? The seven brightest stars in the Ursa Major are called the “Big Dipper”.  Do the star arrangement really resemble a dipper? If you’d like to be an expert of constellations, come visiting the Constellations-Themed Area and have a look!

Size of the Universe
How do the scientists explain the formation of the vast universe through the Big Bang Theory? Which one is larger when you compare the Miky Way with the Solar System? Do you know the evolution of the stars? In the Size of the Universe-Themed Area, the interactive multimedia displays will lead you to unveil the secret of the universe!

Sky Teaching Area
Would you like to be a master to the nature’s secrets? In the Sky Teaching Area, we provide astronomy information such as the monthly sky guide and special astronomical-events for your query. More interesting activities will come up successively at this area. Just come sitting on our special planet chairs and learn astronomy easily.