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Taipei Astronomical Museum

Exhibits Hall

Opening Hours
Weekdays and Sunday: 9am-5pm
Saturday: 9am-8pm
Closed on Mondays, except on public holidays.

Adult: NT$40  Concession: NT$20 
Group over 30 people: NT$28/ NT$14
TAM WEB & Gallery
In addition to visiting the museum, visitors could scan the QR code to
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The special exhibition updates irregularly. Please refer to the website for
details: https://www.tam.gov.taipei

The Earth 
Delve into Earth origins and future, discover the Earth’s  composition and structure and learn the basic concepts of weather.

Space Exploration
Learn more about how we are mesmerized by space exploration. Here, you will gain a new insight into rockets, satellites, space science experiments and Apollo program.
Kaleidoscope of Universe
Interact with various celestial bodies through kicking.

The Sun, Earth and Moon
Explore the formation of our moon and different calendars such as the Gregorian calendar and the Chinese calendar.

​The Solar System
Dive deep into space and uncover the secrets of the solar system. Discover all
the things you need to know about our solar system, such as the eight planets, comets and meteors.

Let us take you on a voyage through space and time to know how our sun and various stars will evolve and why stars come in different colors. Here, you can’t miss the interesting facts about black holes and Cepheid variables.
The Milky Way
Leave our Earth-bound view behind and discover the size and composition of our home galaxy.
Kids House
The space is designed for kids under the fourth grade (kids under 7 need to be accompanied). Children could discover the basic concepts of astronomy through hands-on exhibits.
Peep deep into space and see what makes up a galaxy, how galaxies are classified,
and explore galaxy formations and galaxies in colossal collisions, etc.
The Universe
Discover how our understandings of the motions of celestial objects and the vastness of the universe have changed over time.
The Search for life
Explore the factors governing life beyond earth and approaches to find exoplanets, and search for extraterrestrial intelligence.
Learn more about how the paraphernalia facilitated the observation of the universe and how a telescope works through interactive exhibits.
Astronomy in Taiwan
Get a glimpse of what Taiwan has contributed to the rapidly growing area of astronomy and astrophysics.
Cosmic Adventure
The Cosmic Adventure is an in-door riding system.  Each space pod takes 2-3 passengers. The exciting space journey is to simulate aspects of astronauts’
travel in the universe.
Space City
The exploration finally comes back to the space city on Mars. Visitors could learn how to collect and use the space resources , or operate the Mars rovers here.